About Us

Swadeshi Mushroom Farm

A note from our Founder Mr. Pranav Bahl ​

I did my Bachelors from IHM , Mumbai and graduated in 2011. Being an hotelier I understood the demands of chefs in hotels, always looking for that MVP product for their menu. Hailing from a family in the mushroom business for over 30 years, I decided to take upon two challenges ; growing exotic mushrooms organically and growing these fresh in Delhi to cut import from other countries including China.

I did multiple trials to grow these king oyster mushrooms. Indeed, it was a task to grow the biggest and tastiest of all oysters. After successfully growing them without any chemical, pesticide or even medicine on the floor of my growing room, my real challenge began. That was to sell these in a market where people only recognised white button mushrooms. These mushrooms were only being imported from Thailand and China and were being sold in INA. I knew it was vague to sell these in the market directly so I targeted those for whom this would be a starrer, the Chefs. Over four years when I conquered the hotel market, I began to realise how much the masses appreciated this product and were unable to get it due to non availability in the markets. We started displaying these at organic markets and developed the niche for these delicious and healthy mushrooms.

During one of my visits , I was surprised to see these in one of the best grocery stores in Delhi but in a shabby state due to the import time and quality. I have always found it necessary to emphasise on how nutritious these mushrooms are. The only source of Protein in vegetarian diet perfect for Keto amongst vegetarians, the only source of vitamin B12 in any vegetable and so fibrous for daily diet.

The King Oyster Mushroom has only 0.3 gram fat per 100 grams and 24 grams calories. It provides 2.35 grams protein.

The Black oyster has about 0.3 gram fat, 28 calories and provides 2.9 gram protein per 100 gram serving.

In short quintessential product for that oomph factor in your meal! Happy Mushrooming!

Eat fresh Live healthy. Make in India, Namaste!


Mr. Pranav Bahl (Founder)